Sunday, November 28, 2010

First Blog Post - The GMAT Redemption

This is my first official blog post.  And as such, I should explain to my future readers why the word therapy appears in my blog description.  Through the years I’ve heard form many people close to me that writing can be a great form of therapy.  What better time to try it than now.  So here I go…..
I seem to have an immense fear of standardized test.  Ever since high school I have never been very good at them.  Starting with the various state exams all the way thru the PSAT, SAT and GRE, I have completely bombed them.   The simple answer is that I never really prepared much for them.  I even remember going out drinking the night before my GRE (2000).  But that’s too simple.  Actually it starts with not wanting to study because I truly feel I will not do well.  It's a deep rooted feeling.  That is my inner demon which I will fight.  I have recognized the internal deficiency that must be corrected.  I therefore chose to write about it and my journey towards GMAT domination. 
I will properly prepare for the GMAT and I will Rock it!  
One important key to success is self confidence.  An important key to self confidence is preparation.
- Arthur Ashe